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THE ABYSS (2004)


My aunt was once afraid of falling out of her bed which she imagined to be vertically attached to the wall. A few years later, under the supervision of my dad the tool man, we did just that - attach a bed to a wall. The resulting film earned us our first festival selections.

TRT: 3:46 min.

+ Full Credits

Anton Nouri

Written and Directed by
Peter Bruenner
Erich Steiner

Director of Photography: Mario Minichmayr
1st Assistant Camera: Thea Adlung
Music: Tobias Zotter, Armin Koch
Production Design: Ferdinand Bruenner
Editor/Visual Effects: Peter Bruenner
Production Sound: Armin Koch, Peter Zotter
Make-Up: Heike Samer
Continuity: Katja Panhofer

Supported by Cine Art Styria, Coca-Cola Beverages, Austria

Production stills

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